Small Moment Stationery

Wow!  I am in amazement of the people who can keep up their blog once school is back in session.  I am having difficulty even reading all the great blogs that I follow!

This posting is really a piggyback post to Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher.  She wrote a great post about the beginning of Writer's Workshop, brainstorming "watermelon" topics and then finding those "seed" stories.  Check it out here!

Don't you just love the posters? 

I also love, love, love the idea of assigning a point value to their brainstorming.  You may not do this with every session, but it would be good to pick a few.  I know that in our hearts we believe that writing is developmental, and grading of it is subjective, but grade we must!  This little point system is just one small way to quantify what is going on. 

So, why am I writing this since Third Grade Teacher already did?  After I read the post I whipped up two different papers for the kids to use for brainstorming.  My first one looked just like her poster, and the second one I did with a watermelon and seeds.  I sent them to her, and now I'm giving them to you! 


Think of a Person                       Seed Story                        Back of both!

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