Mentor Text Madness--Day 2

Today's Mentor Text is Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney.

Me on the Map is a great first week read aloud.  I like the book for many reasons.  It lends itself perfectly to a social studies unit on geography and it can be used to introduce science unit on habitats.  I like it for writing because it can open up many possibilities.  For those not familiar with the book, this is an excerpt to give you an idea:
          This is me.
          This is me in my room.
          This is a map of my room.
         This is me on the map of my room.

         This is my house.
        This is a map of my house.
        This is a map of my street....
The story continues all the way to This is my country on a map of the world. 
I like the story for writing because of the following features and potential lessons:
  • Use of text features.  Labeling, diagrams, and maps.
  • Repeating text.
  • Circular story.
  • Simple transitions.
This is a simple activity to get started:

Jenn over at Finally in First has an adorable activity that also goes with this book.
Jessica Meacham has an amazing unit with other activities.  (Scroll down the page).


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