Welcome to my blog. My name is Kitty and I am a certified, elementary education teacher with a Master's in Instruction and Curriculum.  September 2011 will be the start of my tenth year of teaching.  I taught second grade for eight years and moved into third grade last year!  Now...I am moving into a new position as The Teacher of Writing for my building!

Teacher of Writing.  I have always thought that was a funny title.  Why not Teacher of Math, or Teacher of Social Studies?  In previous years our district had a specialist for reading, writing and math in every building.  Somewhere along the way, the powers-that-be decided they could not call the writing person a "specialist" since there is not a specific certificate issued by our state. A few more years down the road...different powers-that-be joined forces with the National Writing Project and offered a graduate level, non-degree program in the Teaching of Writing. Although I have always enjoyed writing, initially I took the courses to gain graduate hours. I fell in love with the program and when the position became available in my school, I jumped at the chance!  Join me on the adventure.


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