A Teacher with No Class

I have no classroom.  I have often moaned that the worst part of teaching is keeping up with the real estate so I should be thrilled. I am.  Really.  Okay, maybe thrilled is a strong word.  I'll say that I am optimistic, yet guarded.

My move to the Teacher of Writing has required me to downsize from a classroom (with nine years of stuff) to a desk and a cart.  To be fair, my desk comes with a filing cabinet and rather large bookshelf. 

My "classroom" will be a little red wagon similar to this. But not all decked out with side pockets.  I'll post a picture when I go back to school. Within the wagon I will have all the materials I need as I go from classroom to classroom providing Academic Support Services. 

The good news is I downsized from classroom to cart pretty well.  The bad news is my dining room has become my classroom library.

Does anyone else have a dining room that looks like this?  Bins hold paperbacks.  Grocery bags hold picture books. 

How full is my bucket?  Pretty darn full of books!

Three more bins.
 On the left are bins that are stacked in the garage for now but need to come inside.

The three bins tucked into this closet were from last year when I went from second grade to third.

 This is the office table with a few bins.
So my job this week is to get all my books organized, placed in bins and stored in one place. Finding that one place is the trick.  Suggestions from husband: 
  • Basement     (Sometimes it gets musty, I don't want musty books)
  • Garage         (Temperature change not good)
  • Attic             (Who is going to carry all the bins up the ladder into the attic?)
  • Landfill         (Not funny)
My plan is to keep the books in my tiny office, neatly stacked in bins.  They are close enough in case I need them AND they will start to annoy me after a year.  If after one year (maybe two) I haven't gone back to the classroom, I'll send these books to a good home.

Anyone else storing their classroom in their house?  Any good tips?


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