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Rebecca at Create*Teach*Share is hosting a Linky Party about the use of Post-its in the classroom.  She is giving away a boat-load of Post-its, and who doesn't need Post-its?

Win this!!

I wanted to create an authentic purpose and audience for my second grade beginning writers.  I had spent the summer learning about Twitter and Facebook and thought it would be neat if the kids could have some way to express themselves and have others react but I knew we didn't have the technology or permission to put our kiddos on Twitter. Hence...Quacker was born  hatched.

I created an interactive board outside of my classroom door attaching paper and border using a hot glue gun.  :$ 

I slipped a Post-it pad on the top and Velcroed a marker to the wall.  I wrote the first post to get everyone started and sent an email to the staff encouraging them and their kids to leave us a note.

I also posted a reminder to encourage more participation.

My second grade students loved returning from lunch and special each day to read the quacks. Our principal and our superintendent left a Quack and the kids felt like they were famous!
It was a wonderful springboard for Writer's Workshop.  I encouraged my reluctant writers to "Quack."  Once their Quack was on the board I would have a staff member or former student respond to their Quack with a question or comment.  Soon, they had a mini conversation that very easily turned into a personal narrative. 

Low tech, low budget, but high on function.  Have you Quacked today?


Marisa said...

I love this board! I might copy!


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